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My / #TeamMinajNC #M4L On April 8th PART 1

Ok So My Day Started Off By Me Waking Up EARLY At 9am, I Got Up Got Dressed, Took My Mom To Work Went To The Library To Print Off My Concert Ticket Because I Didnt Get It Mailed To My House, So Im Running Around Getting Gas, Waiting On MY Money & The Person Who Suppose To Ride With My I Want To Be On The Road By 3pm Because I am a 1hour & 50 Minutes Away From The Coliseum So I Had It All Planned To Be There By 5:15, Beating Traffic & All...SKIP To Me Not Leaving And Getting On The Road Till 3:50 & I Was MAD But Driving My Whole Way Listening To All Nicki Mixtapes & Album, I Was Doing At Least 70-80 miles per hour the whole way cause i was cutting time, So As Im On My Way I See Time Is Cutting Close & Passing 5:15 & Im Like Ok Everythings Going To Be Ok They Dont Take Pics Till 7:45 And Meet The Queen, So I Arrive At The Coliseum At 6:00 & Im Going To The Door 4got My Ticket & Had To Walk Back To The Car & As I Walked Thru thru The Doors I Went STR8 To The Ticket Booth Asking "Excuse Me DO You Know Where I Can Go Or Who I Can Talk TO About The Nicki Minaj M&G, Hoping She Give Me The Right Answer She Says "Well To Be Honest I Know They Meet Right There At 5 Something & As I Can Believe It Is All ***OVER** With" So My Heart Starts Racing NOOOO, This Cant Be Life, So I Got To The People Who Scan Your Tickets & Asked Her "Excuse Me DO You Know Where The People Who Met Right Here For The M&G Went OR Where I Can Locate Them" She Scanned My Ticket 1st Then Said "NO Sir Im Sorry I Cant Help You I Didnt See No One Meet Here" So Im Like NOOOOO And Walked Off Walking Around The Coliseum ALONE Cause IDK What To Do OR Who To Ask, So I Walk Around The Coliseum One Time And Then To My Seat, While On Twitter Trying To Tweet The Others (Opal, Yanique, Naeema, & Fetch) Sorry For Any misspelling of the names, So I was Like UGH They Tweets Say 15mins Ago So I Tweet All Of Them Twice Asking Where They Was, So No Response & I Go Upstairs To My Seating Area And Was Like I Guess I Drove Up Here Alone Everyone Going To Ask Me How Was It To Meet Nicki And Ima Say I Didnt "I Was Just DEVASTATED" So As I Approach The People Who Was Seating My Section I Asked, Excuse Me Do You Know Where I Can Go To, Or Who To Ask For The Nicki Minaj M&G Cause I Know They Are Sitting In A Room Waiting & They Dont Take Pics Till 7:45 (and at this time it was around 6:30) SO She Said No I Believe Thats Over And I Explain Over & Over No Its Not I Know This Whole Process Just Get Me To A Supervisor Somebody Gots To Know About This M&G & Know Its Not Over, So Called On The Walkie-Talkie To "Janice" & Asked Her She Said Well I Know They Meet At Section 113-115 At 8pm Thats All So im Like But Where Are They, She Was Just Telling Me Be At That Section At That Time Thats All I Can Say & Basically Dismissed ME, So I Walked Down To The Section & Asked The Dude Who Was Working There What Happen & What I Was Told & He Said Well Let Me Call A Supervisor & Ask, So As I Wait For The Supervisor I Feel Like I Was Really Going To Cry Every Telling Me NO & Its Over & They Dont Know Nothing About This Whole Thing, So I See This Old Man Come Over To Me And Say How May I Help You, So I Told Him & HE Brighten Up My Day Saying "Yes Going Down Them Step TO The Floor Seats And Over There To That Sign That Says Pepsi & Walk Under There To The Room, So Im Walking Dwn The Steps To Be Stopped By A Lady Asking For My Floor Seats Tickets, I Tell Her The Whole Problem & She Was Like I Need A Ticket OR Receipt OR Something Stating You Telling Me The Truth, So This Man Walks Up And Ask Whats Wrong I Tell Him & Tell Him That I Have Nothing But My ID Thats Suppose To Verify That Im Who I Am To Be Back There, He Was Tryna Tell Me i need More than that but i wasnt Taking No, & He Walked Back Me there and said yu sure this is going to work i said yes as we walked he tripped up the steps and walked to the room 1st Thing I hear is "Massive Attack Playing The Chorus At The Moment" So He Ask For My ID And Walks In And So Im Like This Better Work If Not Then Im Going To Pull Up My Email, So I Hear "Amie" Say "O YEA He Is Where Is He" And The Guy Say Well Todays Ya Lucky Day So I Walked In, She Gave My My Laminate & I Looked Around & Grabbed A Pink Cookie..So Amie Tells Us Time To Go And Meet Back At 7:50 So I See Opal (@_Missbarbie_) & The Rest And Said Hey Im YungBarack09 & She Said Oh Yea, Hey And Grabs Her Stuff And Starts Walking And Im Walking Behind (LOL) And She Said "Aww Your Cute Nicki Is Going To LOVE You" & I Brushed It off Like OK So We Basically Walking Out The Room To Be Told To Go To Our Seats Till 7:50 My Seat Was In 209 or 210 section P seat 9 so i go to my seat, after Amie Stops Me Tells ME What To Do & What Time To Meet Back and gives me her #, So I Go Back To My Seat Thru Porcelain BLACK Performance, She Was Just The Yelling & Screaming At Me In My Ear, And Dancing Like A Stripper, Reminds Me OF A Rockstar Lady Gaga *Nicki Shrug* & I Sat Half Way Thru Travis Barker Set Bored Talked To The PPL Beside Me..SO 7:45 Hit and I head Down Stairs And Seen (Opal, Ynique, Fetch, & Naeema) And Stood With Them, They Was Bout To Start Making A Video For @TeamMinajAustin Project And Opal Just Wanted Them 3 To Be In It So Was Low-Key Giving Me The Cold Shoulder, So I Seen This Other Girl Kelly Waving At Me & At The Time Not Knowing Who She Was I Just Wave Back Twice & The Doors Open And ppl Yell, So Im Like "NICKI" No Way Not Out Here With These CF Foreal They Going To Hurt Her, BUt It Was Only Amie & Josh Our Coordinators And We All Walked Back & That Girl Kelly Came Up To Me & And Said Hey We Introduce Eachother & Was Talking Bout This OUr 1st Time Meeting Nicki, And I Lookd Back & I See Opal & Them Still In The Process OF Making The Video But It Never Worked I Believe SO, We All In The M&G Room Standing Waiting & In The Process Amie Is Grouping Ppl In 4, So Im Like UGH Really, Well I Came Alone So Hopefully I Get My Own Pic, So She Lookn For A Single Person & I Remain Quiet Likes She Is Not Going To Catch On And She Was Like O YU, Isnt Yu By Yourself & I Said Yesm She Said Oh Yu Can Group Up With These 3 Young ladys up here, WHO Was in the front basically and i didnt know at all, but kelly I & her friend agreed to all take a group pic with each other but amie broke that up, (SO NOW THE GOOD STUFF BEGINS) Im Over Standing In With These CF Mad Cause I Wanted Things To Not Be Like This And Amie Is Tryna Group Opal And The Rest With This One Dude And Opal Is Like HELL NO, So Amie Said Well IF You Not GOing To Do That Then All 6 Of Yalll going have to group up & Opal Said OH HELL NO, So She Said "YungBarack09" Pointing At Me & Amie Says Oh No He Is Already With Someone & I Slowly Walking Away Like YES PLZ & Opal Like Well I Guess Not He Is NOT Moving Fast Enough & I Basically Run over there in my mind and stay and opal hugs all of us At This Time Its (ME, Naeema, Opal, & Ynique) So Opal Groups Huddle And Said Something Funny I Forgot, So Then This Boy & His Group of 3 Tries To Be Last & We Like Oh HELL NAh, So We Standing Where We Was & Josh Comes Over Wanting All Of OUr Bags & Shirts And asking us to puts all our cameras away, i guess we was to slow for him cause he was like "you guys are moving TOOO slow and i dont have time for this i got other things to do and yall and moving a lil to slow for me" So Opal says "WHAT Else do you want we gave you everything and he says "like that bag on the floor, and yu guys are really making this process longer then it is and can yall move a lil faster" So We hand him the bag getting him out or face, then we start to rap the "Tragedy Part" Last Name: ANN First Name: RAGGGGGEEDDYYY And wanted to make a lil video but that didnt work so good, so we group huddle and was like look we not going to be like the CF and Yelling NICKI when she walks out so we wanted to get Down & Remember SB's Outro From Tim West Wood So We Listening To IT Off My Fone & Opal Types In Her Ipod The Lyrics, So The Door Keeps Opening To Where Nicki Walks Thru So They WHOLE Time IT Was Rex Playing At The Door Gassing Us Up, And THe CF JUst Yelling Saying NICKI & We Like REXXX YOOO, And Opal Said Its MISSBARBIE And HE Waved & The CF Looking Like Who That... SO That Went On For Like 5mins b4 Rex Opened Up The Door And Walked Thru With SB & VAK So They Heads Str8 Over To Us.....*SORRY Pt.2 After I Get Off Of Work*

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    On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 5:17 PM, MsNaeema said:

    OMFG!! This is exactly how it went lmaoooooo word 4 word AMAZING.. PAM PAM PAM let me kno when u put up the 2nd part lol

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    On Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 7:00 PM, PeaceQueen said:

    *hangs on til that moment*

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