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My / #TeamMinajNC #M4L On April 8th PART 2

So As They Head Over Our Way Sb "Hey You Guys" & The Vakiees Show Us Love She We Like SB, Come On We Want To Do The Outro With You So We Start And We Like Come On SB *PAUZ* & He Says You Guys I Dont Even Know What I Said That Day I Was DRUNK.LOL...So We Finished Half Of It, Kinda Messing Up But SB Was Like WOW You Guys R LUGGGG, Nd Him & Vak Start Laughing, So The CF Try To Get A Pic With SB After They Pic With Nicki, Mind You We In The Back Of The Line, & The Coordinators Keep Rushing Us To Keep Up, But We Tryna Show Love To Day, Terrance, Martin, Sb, Rex, & Vak, Cause At That Time All We Could Do Was Look At Nick, & I Spot Day & Terrance Running Over Getting What Snacks Was Left, Like Lil Kids, Den A Dancers Comes Out & We Ask Was That Nicki Dance And She Said No Im Waynes Dancer & Takes A Pink Cookie & Runs Off LOL, So We Chillin Talking & Taking Pics, & Martin Takes A Pic With The Girls, I Snap The Pic Martin Says Let Me See, He Look & Says "I Wasnt Smiling You Gotta Take That Over" We Laugh And Take It Over, I Take My Pic With Day & Terrance & I Called Day Over To Take My Pic But She Said She Could Move Out Her Position With Watching Nicki, So I Take A Pic With Her & She Said OMG I Love You Eye-Brows & I Start Smiling, HA..So Now All OUr Pics R Taking With The Crew Now For The QUEEN, So We Standing Next To BIG DREAM, & We Thank Him For Taking Care Of Nicki Guarding Her & He Says "Its All Love" So OPAL Says "Dream Teach Me How To Be Hard" & He Says "I Dont Do NO Interviews, Or Answer No Questions" Opal Says " No Im Just Asking One Simple Thing Can You Teach Me How To Be Hard" Dream: "No Problem, We Just Gotta Keep This Boundary Between Us" Opal Says "Ok I Just Wanna Be Like Us Cause Some Times Im To Hard" Dream " Aight Yall Here Are The Rules (I 4Got What He Said To The Girls) But He Told Me To Keep My Hands Above Nicki Waist & Watch For Her Hair & Make Up! So Nicki Finishes With The 3 In Front Of Us & Says Come On You Guys, So We All Give Nicki A Hug & She Asked Our Names I Said My Twitter Name & She Lookd Like She Knew It Went On, So She Says Come On Yu I Want Indivual Pics & Quick So I Can Have Time To Talk With Yu Guys, so We Threw Off Our Laminates & Took Pics, So After Pics We Ask Nicki For Nick Names She Said Ok, Looked At Me & I said "Anthony" : Nicki: "Cute-Boy" I Smiled So Hard Almost Fell Back, & Opal Say I TOLD YOU She Was Going To Name YU That, So She Gives The Rest There Name & I Asked Her "Nicki You Should Have A #TeamMinaj Convention " She Said "I Know I Been Thinking Of Wanting To Do That" & Opal Told Nicki How We All Go Thru Life Or Death Situations Coming To See Her and She Was Like Really & Started Laughing So Martin Says Time To Go & Nicki Looks Back & Say NOO, So She Says Ok You Guys Give Me A Hug & SHe Called Me Cute-Boy Again & Gave Us All Hugs & Said Where YU Guys Sitting & Opal Says Floor Seats & Nicki Said So Am I Going To See Yall & Yall Are Going To Give Me Life & We Was Like YES, Knowing Only One Had Floor Seats, So She Smiled & Said Ok, Enjoy The Show & Walked Of Smiling Waving Bye *Tear* "Hate To See Her Go, But Love To Watch Her Leave" So We Got Our Posters & Said Our Final Good-Byes, So We Walked Out & Met Up With Fetchington101, Then Opal Said NICKI Wanna See US In The Front Front & Give Her Life & We Are Going To Do That, Knowing That She The Only One With Floor Seats, So We Start Of Just Trying To Make Our Way Str8 To The Floors Seats & A Worker Stops Us And Ask For Tickets So Opal Going Back & Forth With Her & The Lady Says Im Not Letting No One In Without A Ticket Point Blank Period, Opal Turned Around & Said I wasnt Talking To You LMFAO, & She Was Telling The Lady Nicki Want Us To Give Her Life & Wants Us In The Front, But She Only Got A Ticket & Ours Got Left In The Bag In The M&G (This Was The Story For EVERY WORKER REMEMBER) So The Lady Said Idk Who Nicki Is & Yall Not Getting Thru, SO We Got Mad & Left Her, Walked To Another Worker & Told Them The Same Story & He Tried To Stop This Lady & We Explained The Same To Her, SO She Left & We Talked To Him & He Was Like Well I Can Go Check The Bags & We Was Like Well Go Get SB, Just Do That, *Mind Yu We Standing In In The Hallway Where All CF Walk Thru" So We Like If SB Walk Around The Corner OMFG, SO, Who Comes Around The Corner SB, He Says Whats Wrong, What Can I Do, So We Explain The Story & He Said He Will Be Back He Bout To Go Look, So He Left & VAK Walks Around The Corner Asking Whats Going On, & Some Drunk Bitch Says Dont Talk To Him, We Thinking Its His Groupie But He Said IDK Her, So He Asked Whats Wrong & We Explained & He Said Come On Follow Me & We Started Walking Around The Coliseum & VAK Asking The People To Help Us & What Can They Do, SO NONE Could Help Us, & He Asked This One Lady Can We Get Back Stage With Him With His Pass #M4L & In The Process Some Dude Kinda Bumpd In To Vak Nd He Lookd At Dude Like WTF Nigga "LOL" & Den The Lady Said No Only Yu Can Get Back There With It, So He Walked To The Floor & We Walked Behind Him We All On The Floor Now & VAK Disappeared So We Standing On The Floor Clueless & Den Started Walking Around Tryna Figure What To Do, In The Process Like 10 Workers Ask For Our Ticket & We Keep The Same Story Going So We Finally Reached OPAL Seat & The Plan Was to stand in the seats while the people stood up the whole time, but i knew my tall ass couldnt and me and Naeema Walked To The Other Side Cause The Guard Asked Us For Tickets After Fetch, Opal & Ynique Crawled Along, So We Walked Off To The Other Side & Stood There Then They Asked For Our Ticket, So We Started Walking off Saying O Well Lets Go Back To Our Seats & I Seen Some Warrior Stuff Come On & I Said OMG I Believe This Is Nicki SET We Cant Leave Like, We Gone Miss It So We Walked Back Me & Naeema & Scooted In The End Row Of The First Section Of Floor Seats & Stayed There Till The End Of The Show, It Was A #M4L Cause We Had Pickle Juice Seats, My Seats Was Suppose 2 Be In The 200 & During Nicki Set Someone Taps My On The Shoulder, I Turn Around To See & Its Martin Walkn Around Nd I Said Hey & Was Shocked He Remember Me Even Tho It Was Like 30-45mins Ago, So Nicki Pulls Out *DICK JAMES* Nd Gives A Lap Dance To A Person That Was In The Meet & Greet & RIGHT After Takes Us To Church With Save ME *Ynique Voice* Nd I Wanted To Take Pic BUT Phone Was Dying URGH! So Now Shows Over & We Leave Nd Im Walkn Back To The Car I Hear Some Girls Rambling Bout Nicki So I Butt'd In Nd Said Yea I Meet Her & They Thought I Was Lying Cause They Thought I Had A $5 Laminate Around My Neck That The Coliseum Sold, So I Showed The The Autograph & Said Did Yall See Nicki Dildo (Known They Didnt Know Dick James) They Said YES & One Girl Said She Would Suck It IF She Could & I Was Like OKAY Nd I Was Like Oh And I Meet SB (& Was Bout To Go On Saying The Rest Of The Pink Friday Goon Squad BUT) I Hear "Who Is SB" SO....I Walked Off FASTLY ND Didnt Say Bye "CF" NOW After Putting In Club RIO Address N My Fone Nd Getting There Metting Up With (Ynique Her Friend Nd OPAL) I Decided To Take My Chances Getiing In, SO The Plan Was Opal *_MissBarbie_* Had Talked To Someone That Was In The Club A Photographer I Believe* And He Was Suppose To Sell Her Tickets For The Low, So While Walking Thru The Rain *Drizzling* A Guy (Security Guard) Walks Up To Us And Ask Was We Part Of The Club Scene We Said YES, SO Opal Starts To Speak & The Guy Say "WHOA" nd Start Chuckling ND He Says Why Are Yu Talkin To Me In That Baby Voice (I Believe) & She Ignores Him & Goes On To Talking About How We Suppose To Be Meeting That Guy, So He Begins To Say Well How Bout Yall Pay Me $40 Nd I Let Yall In Thru The Side Door Right There, So We Like IDK Bout This * He Looks Like Security* But Not With This PLAIN Black Tee In All Black, So We Follow HIm To The Door Asking Question Nd Telling Him How Nicki Is Looking For US & HE Says I Can Care Less What Nicki Wants Or Looking For But I wanna Know Is Yall Gonna Pay, So Im Like Yea He Trippn But We Follow Him Anyway Asking More Question Nd HE Said Look Is Yall Gonna Do This Or NOT & We Said Yea *But Ynique Says, Do We Get ID OR Stamped Just In Case Yu Try To Play Us* He Says Nah THEN * The DOOR BUST OPEN I Just See a Dude With A Bloody Shirt Front Nd back Being Shoved My Way, I Get Stepped On And Opal Dodges Him To The Side Nd Walks Forward To The Door Asking To Speak To SB NOT PAYING *Lucky* LOL Nd I Try To Follow On The Other Side But Security Got One Dude Head In The Cement Saying SHUT DA HELL UP ND His Pants Down *WHY IDK* And I Walk Back Around To Ynique Nd Her Friend And Dude Pops Back Up Yall Ready Where The Money So I Pay Last Still Skeptical $40 Nd So Did Ynique Nd Her Friend Making $120 Off Of Us In His Pockets And He Walks Forward So We Follow Nd The Other Security Ask "They With Yu" He Says Yea Yea" I Was Like He Better, So We In ND All I See Is Sweaty UGLY Ppl, Nd I Look Up Nd Opal Umbrella Is Still Open So i Grab It & Close IT, Nd Hand It To Her Saying Yo Yu Trippn, Nd While Walkn thru The Crowd She Opens It Again And Makes It RAIN On The Crowd & All I Hear Is WTF, That BITCH Crazy ND A Guards Grabs Opal Hand Nd Breaks The Umbrella While Closing It & Handing It Back To Her, So She Starts Falln To The Ground & At That Point IDK Why Till Later Nd Its Cause She Havent Ate all Day Like Me And Is Not Feeling Well So She Throws Up And Im Helping Her Up Like NO We Gotta Make It To The Front So We Do Nd I See Dude *S_Cake_* Nd I TRY To Get His Attention To Get SB So We Got It Nd He Heard Us But b4 Tappn SB On The Should He Makes A Face Like HELL NAH Nd Doesnt Look Back At Us, So Im Like WTF Den i Yell SB Nd He Looks Over Nd Waves Nd Turns Back Then I See VAK Helping the guard Push The Barricade Back So Nicki Can Walk Thru Nd Sign Ppl, So He Says Wassup To Us ND Talkn Nd Martin Walks Pass Nd Says Hey ND Talk To Us A Lil So Lauren *Nicki Friends* Sees Opal And Says Hey Nd Askes Why She Crying Nd Whats Wrong, So Lauren Gets Candi *Another Nicki Friend* & Says Something Nd DJ Diamond Kutz Look Over* So Nicki Sign Climbs Over The Lil Wall To Sign People Den After Day*Nicki Make-Up Artist* Walks Past Nd Sees Us And Says Hey ND Asks Whats Wrong So Opal Says It And Day Looks Worried ND Gets Terrance *Nicki Hair Stylist* To Get Opal Some Water Nd They Have Opal Drink The Water Nd The Body Guards Grabs It And Dumps It On Opal And Kinda Washes Her Face With His Hand *EWWWW* So Terrance Passes Opal Some Napkins Nd asks Me Do I Want Something So i Shook My Head Us Not Knowing It Was Napkins Nd Took It Anyway, LOL T Was Tipsy I See SO We Ask Day Nd Martin Bout Coming Over To VIP With Them Nd They Said Well They Closing Our VIP Nd The Club People Acting Crazy But They Wish They Could *SIGH* So Some1 Gets Nicki Attention Nd Nicki Grabs Her Chest Nd LIGHTS Up And Walks Over To Us Says Hi & asking Opal Whats Wrong Grabbing Her Hand (As The People CF,GH &BP) All Squish Us Opal Nd Nicki Coversate * Nicki Couldnt Hear Much So She Asked The Guard Which I Think Is The SAME One Who Broke Opals Umbrella Nd Washed Her Face, What Opal Was Saying So, Opal Tells How she Missed Nicki Set Half Of It Nd Nicki Goes *WHAT* Like Low Key Mad Nd She Whispers SB Something Nd Opal Shows Nicki Her Umbrella Nd Nicki Says Want Me To Sign It Nd Opal Says NO, She Was Tryna Tell Nicki Bout That Guard Breaking It So Nicki Backs Off Nd Says Bye, Cause They Was Rushn Them Out I Believe, so We Head out To Only In The Club For 5-10mins nd we Go on the Side of the tour bus (NICKI) nd guards come running NOOO yall cant go over nd dream see Opal Den The Rest Of Us Nd Flashes His Light On Us Sayn *NAH They Good U Dont Have To Pat Them Down Or Check Them* Leave Them Alone* #M4L I Was Like AYE DREAM Thanks ND We See Rex Nd VAK Transferring Bus N Sb Walking On The Bus Nd Martiin Walkn Candi To The Other Bus, So We Waiting For Whatever Like Nicki To Walk Off The Bus BUT Once Again Them Rushing Them Out Of There Nd Closes The Door Nd Gets Ready To Pull Off, So We Begin To Walk Up The Hill Nd I The Bus Passes Us All I See Was SB With No Hat On Going Thru Bags I Believe From The M&G Nd Stuff Laid On The Bed Like Liddle Teddy Bears, So Opal Still Not Feeling Well I Help Her Walk Back To The Car Nd Me Her & Ynique Talk About The WHOLE Day ND How EPIC ND Many Lil nd BIG #M4L Things Happend Nd How Everything Thing Happend 4 a Reason, So Ynique Nd Her Friend Leaves To Head On The Road Nd Me Nd Opal Head Down The Street To Taco Bell Which She Treated Me To A MIN b4 They Closed ND We Ate Nd Sat In The Parking LOT Talkn Bout EVERYTHING That Day Nd Nicki Nd TeamMInaj For For 2-3 hours Nd Then Like 4 something n The Morning We Decided To Drive Back Home Nd I Gave Her Directions Nd Everything Nd We Was On Our Way, I didnt Get Home Till Bout 6:30 something AM But What a #M4L :) The END!!

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