Thu, May 31, 2012 at 12:58 AM

Dricki: A Love Story: Chapter 1

"We're Higher Than A MuthaF*cker" shouted Nicki Minaj as she finished up a concert for her Austrailian Barbz! "Love Ya" she said as she walked off the stage. Wayne was waiting for her backstage. "Hey Babaay". "Hey Dwayne". "You killed it out there" he screeched. "Pretty soon your gonna blow me outta business". Nicki chuckled "Ha Ha. I think I already have mister". "Not yet, but your close" Wayne replied. A second after the giggles toned down Wayne got a text from Birdman. "Sh!t" Wayne almost screamed."Birdman finished the new track he wants me to do with him. He wants it recorded ASAP. Gotta go Nick". "Ok Babe. Do what ya have too" Nicki said tiredly. "I think I should get some rest. Tomorrow I leave for Japan". "Ok Nick, get your rest and I will head out". "K Dwayneeeeee. Next time promise me you'll stay" Nicki said hopefully. "I promise" Wayne said as he turned the corner. Nicki started walking to her dressing room. When she was half-way there she stopped. Her feet were so sore she had to take her heels off. They were killing her. Unexpectedly, Drake jumped out of nowhere to surprise her. "BOO!" he yelled. Nicki jumped. "AUBREY!!! What the hell are you doin here" Nicki Said joyfully. "Well I just wanted to see my favorite Barbie". "What! You have more" Nicki gasped. "Umm. No! I did not mean it like that. What I meant was.... I....Uh...". "Baby. Pauz. I was just teasin". "Anyways, I...... Onika! What happened to your poor feet? There all red!". "Concert" Nicki replied quickly. "Want a Piggy-Back ride to your dresser?". "Would you, that would be nice" Nicki said calmly. Drake bent over and Nicki hopped on top of him. About a minute later, Drake opened the dresser and Nicki jumped off. She threw off her heels and sat at her makeup table. It was quiet for a few seconds. "Well are you gonna sit" Nicki laughed out. "You didn't ask" Drake said with a pinch of sarcasm. "Your my baby. You don't have to ask to sit down". "Jus tryin to be a gentleman". " Anywho, I gotta talk to you bout something Onika".

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