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Dricki: A Love Story: Chapter 2

"What do you need to talk to me about" yawned Nicki. "Well.... we have been dating secretly for quite a while now". "Aubrey! I hate when you give me these types of talks. Can you just get to the point". Drake could tell Nicki was now awake so he might as well get to the point. "I want you to be mine fully" He exclaimed. He reached into his pocket and took out a small ring box and opened it. Inside was a sparkly, ring with white gold gems around it. "Will you marry me Onika Tanya Maraj". Nicki took the ring out speechless. She stared at it for a few seconds. She read from the inner part of the ring "Be Mine Barbie". Nicki started tearing up. Her eyes were full of tears of joy. She slipped the ring on. "Of course Aubrey". By now Drake was standing up and Nicki jumped into his arms. "I love you soooooo much right. I always have". "Me too babe. Me 2" Drake said. He kissed her forehead. "I was wondering...... Can we make a news announcement that we are engaged public? I mean it's up to you". " Of course! You can hide who you date but not who you're getting married to".
Just then SB walked in the room. Drake still had Nicki in his arms. "Woah! Yo. What I miss Nick". "Just a proposel" Nicki replied. "Waaahhhh" SB said with a confused look on his face. "Me and Aubrey are getting married!". "Seriously" SB exclaimed. Nicki and Drake nodded. "Well....... Congrat you guys!" SB shouted. "Shut up you f*ckin buffoon" Nicki almost screamed. "You gotta keep it a secret till we release the details that we are gettin married". "Fine" SB said disappointedly. SB's watch beeped. "Time to head to the hotel for the night". "Where are you staying" Nicki quickly turned to Drake. "I was wondering if I could stay with you. I came in a private jet. I can tell them to go back to L.A and maybe I could go with you on your tour for a little bit. Just hang backstage and stuff". "Well of course you can stay with me and come on the tour". "Yeah. Let's discuss the details later lovebirds. We gotta get back to the hotel. The crowd starting to leave. Nicki, Drake and SB got in the Mercedes Benz GL where there chauferre was waiting and drive to there hotel. When they got there, Nicki's bodyguards, that came from 2 vans following them. They escorted Nicki, Drake and SB to the counter to check in.

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