Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 1:27 AM

Dricki: A Love Story: Chapter 3

As soon as they got to their floor Drake paused. "Damnit! I don't have anything to wear".
"You can borrow some of my clothes" said SB. "Thanks Man" Drake responded. "Drake, Honey, We're Sharing This Room" Nicki exclaimed. SB got in his room and Nicki and Drake walked in there suite. Inside was a King Sized bed with the smell of vanilla flying around the room."Woah" Nicki said in wonder. "This place is gorgeous. And we have it all to our selves" Drake said he jumped on the bed. He motioned his hand for Nicki to get in. "One sec Babe" she replied. She took off her wig and wig cap and let her black, curly hair breath.
"Ahhhh... That feel so much better" she said. Then she jumped on top of Drake who had un-buttoned his shirt. "Ohh Baby" he said. "Today was my Moment 4 Life" Nicki said as she looked at the ring. "Me 2" Drake said. He gave Nicki the look of sex. "No Baby! No till we're married". "At least Oral!". Nicki smiled. "I need to rest Babe. So do you. We leave for Japan tomorrow". Drake made a fake frown. "Fine" Nicki said with a big huff. she looked over at a table in the room. She pointed to a bottle of wine. "We will celebrate with that". After they Nicki had 2 glasses of "BareFoot" she crashed on Drakes lap. Drake turned off the light and stroked her hair till he feel asleep. They woke up at 7 o'clock and got dressed. Soon at 7:45 they left the hotel. Nicki, Drake and SB all slept on the flight to Tokyo until the flight attendant woke them up. "O-Me-God!!! Yu Nicki Minaj. An Yu Drake. Sign my BoooBz Please!" she screeched at them. Nicki was glad to do a boob sign but not glad to get spit on by a Japenese Flight Attendent.

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