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Dricki: A Love Story: Chapter 4

Shortly after they arrived in Tokyo, Nicki and Drake were relaxing in their hotel room. SB and some of the others in Nicki's campaign group were trying to organize an interview for her and Drake to announce that they are engaged."Fuck it!" SB kept repeating. "Its so hard to find someone that speaks English!" About half an hour later, they found someone who speaked English. SB knocked on Nicki and Drake's room. When Nicki opened the door he told her the updates. "Great" Nicki said. "Tell me again when we announce it?" Drake said. "6:00" repeated SB. "That's in about in 1 hour" Drake said. "Other time slots were taken" said SB. "Let's just get ready guys" said Nicki. When Nicki, Drake and SB walked out of the limo, there were crowds waiting for them. It was only about 20 people. But when they started walking, crowds of Barbz were piling in to see them. When Nicki, Drake and SB walked inside they were directed to the stage. It was a talk show hosted by a Japanese Woman name Vinnie Wang. "Hello. It's very nice to meet you" she said happily. "Hello" said Nicki. "It's very nice to meet you too" Drake said."5 MINUTES!!!" shouted a backstage worker. SB went backstage and Nicki and Drake sat on a couch. Vinnie asked "So what are you guys announcing". Nicki and Drake looked at each other. "Well" Drake said. "We're engaged" Nicki finished. "Oh-My-God" Vinnie screeched. "Congrats. You guys are the perfect couple". "Thank You" Nicki and Drake said at the same time. "EVERYONE READY. OK, 3,2,1 and ACTION. "Hello Japan, It's me Vinnie Wang and I'm here we're international super stars Nicki Minaj and Drake". The audience cheered. "Now tell me" exclaimed Vinnie, "Why are you guys here". "Well I'm here because I have a world tour to do" said Nicki. "But I'm also here to tell you guys something". "Me and Nicki are engaged!!!" shouted Drake.

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