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Dricki: A Love Story: Chapter 6

Nicki stood in front of Drake. She prayed one last time as Carol opened the door. "Hello Sweetheart" Carol screeched. "Hi Mama" said Nicki and hugged her Mom. "Hi Aubrey! How are you". "Hello Ma'am. I'm doing good". Drake said as he shook her hand. "Well come on in" Carol said. "Where is the little lamb chop" Nicki said. "If I had known you would come he would be here. Right now he's at a summer camp". "Awww" said Nicki. "Make yourself at home" Carol said pointing to couches in what seemed to be a living room, "I will be back with some snacks". Nicki and Drake sat down. Nicki looked around the room. "I like what you did to the place Mom" Nicki shouted. "Thank You" Carol replied. Drake took Nicki's hand. "You've seemed off lately. Whats wrong" Drake asked curiously. "I'm just worried about everything" Nicki responded. "Like what specifically". "The wedding. And our parents approval". "Of course they will approve" said Drake, "I know my mom and your parents will approve. Come on. They love us". "Yeah your right" Nicki said. She felt much better now. Her mom came back in the roomed with Ginger Snaps. Nicki and Drake each took one. "Thank you Ma'am" said Drake. "Oh no problem Darling". Drake smiled. Nicki bit hers. "These are delicious" she exclaimed. "Yeah they are" Drake said as he finished chewing. "Why Thank You" said Carol. "Mama, we have not planned the wedding yet but can you help with the catering. These cookies are to die for". "Well I would be honored Onika". "Thank you Mama". "After they each had two more cookies Nicki got up. "Did you tell dad I was gonna be in town" Nicki asked. "Yes. He said he would be at the church all afternoon". "I don't think we should disturb him then" Nicki said. "Can you give us his address" Drake asked. "Of course" Carol said. She went into the kitchen. She came back a minute later and handed Nicki a paper with her fathers address on it. "Can you call him tonight and tell him we will come tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning" Nicki asked her mother. "Of course" Carol replied. "Ms. Maraj" Drake said as he got up."Yes Aubrey". "Do you give me your blessing and approval to marry your daughter". "Well of course" Carol said over-joyed, "I would love for you to marry Onika". "Thank you Ma'am" said Aubrey. "Thank you" Nicki said as she jumped in her moms arms. "We should get going" said Drake. "Where's Safaree" Carol asked. "He's in the car" Nicki said. "Oh why" asked Carol, "He could have come in". "He thought it should be private" said Drake. "I understand" said Carol as she opened the door. "We will visit you again" Nicki said. "You better" Carol chuckled out. Nicki and Drake hugged Carol. "See you soon" they said as they walked down the porch. Carol waved bye and closed the door. "How'd it go Yo" said SB. "Perfect" Nicki said, "My mom gave her blessings and approval". "Sweet" shouted SB, "While you were inside I booked us 2 hotel rooms". "Thank Faree" said Nicki. Nicki and Drake buckled there seat belts and SB drove off down the road.

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