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Dricki: A Love Story: Chapter 7

That night was the best night Nicki had had since Drake had proposed to her. She could finally sleep knowing her mother approved of Drake. All she had to do was meet with her father and Drake's mother. The next morning Nicki, Drake and SB got up early to get ready to meet with Robert, Nicki's Father. While SB was picking out a hat he asked Nicki "Why again do we have to meet your father this early". "Well, he has a job like the other half of the country" Nicki replied sarcastically. "Just askin" SB said. Once they were all ready they headed out the door. Nicki wore her long, black, curly hair in a ponytail covered by a hood so no one would recognize her. She also wore skinny jeans with pair of converses. Drake wore a pair of dress shoes, jeans and a plaid shirt covered with a leather jacket. He also wore sunglasses and a fedora so no one would recognize him. SB wore the regular "Eyo SB. WTF Good" shirt with denim shorts and High Tops. When they got in the rental car, SB typed the address in the GPS and drove off. Nicki didn't even know if her father knew she was getting married. For all she knew he did not listen to the radio or watch the Vinnie Wang Talk Show. Once they got to her father house, the thoughts running through her head disappeared. She got out and walked to the porch with Drake. Once she rang the bell she took off her hood. The door opened. "Onika" her father screeched. "Dad" Nicki replied as she jumped into her father's arms. Once the hug was over, Robert turned the Drake. "Hello" Robert said, "I think we have met before, maybe once. Are you Aubrey. AKA Drake". "Yes sir" Drake said quietly. "Well its very nice to meet you then" Robert said over-joyed. He turned back to Nicki "Carol told me you were coming. She said it was a surprise. TELL ME!" he almost screamed. "Dad!" Nicki said and put her index finger over her slip "Shhhh. Let's go inside". Once they were in Robert gestured them to the couch. "Make yourself comfortable" he said. "We aren't staying here for long" Drake said. "Just dropping off some news" Nicki kicked in. "Well get on with it" Robert said. "Ok, Dad. Me and Drake have been dating secretly for a while. We couldn't tell you or anyone because we did not want the paparazzi following us. After a show I did in Austrailia, Drake visited me backstage". Nicki took a deep breath. "He proposed to me.... And I said yes". There was a long pause. The longest 10 seconds Nicki had ever lived. Suddenly her father smiled. "Well, Congratulations". He hugged Nicki."I'm so proud of you. I knew this day would come" he said. "So you give us your blessing and approval" Drake asked. "Well of course" Robert said. "Thank you daddy" Nicki said. "Thank you very much sir" Drake said thankfully. "One more to go" he thought to himself. "One more to go". "We have to get going" Nicki said. "Oh Ok" Robert said. "We will visit you before we go" Nicki said. "Ok. I will be looking forward to your visits" Robert said folding his hands. "Well, Bye Dad. See you soon" Nicki said. "Bye Onika" Robert said. He turned to Drake, "Nice meeting you". "You too Sir" Drake replied. Nicki put her hood up and she and Drake walked out the door.

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    On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 9:25 PM, Maneet Sandhu said:

    whens chapter 8 going up ...... I've been waiting 4ever....... btw this is amazing!!!! THANKS FOR POSTING!!!!!!

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    itchin for chapter 8 when is it goin up

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