Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 3:56 AM

We Miss You

By: AJM337

iFreakin love "We Miss You"! Its an old song even though the lyrics are weirdy very close to the situation surrounding her cousin's death. Nicki is going through alot right now and she shouldnt have to deal with anything else, like people claiming that she sold out into the alumni and that her cousin was her human sacrifice to get more fame and money!! Yu hatin ass hoes should be ashamed of yourself. idk if yu kno what its like to loose someone as klose 2 yu like a cousin but iDO & that pain is sum10 kno one kan describe in words and you cant kno what it feels like until you've been through. So put yourself in Nicki's shoes, your grieving and going through the worst pain in your life and then someone decides to blame you for it, thats jus selfish and ignorantt! SO ACT LIKE SUMMERS OVER & FALL BACK HATERS!!!!! ily nicki & im here for you

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