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By: AJM337

Joseph "Toonie" Nelson you were one of the coolest dudew to step foot on this earth, and iKant understand why anyone one want 2 stab yu in the chest over your shoes and fone. I mean yu neva started nonthin with nobody yu was jus a chill nigga. Evry time I saw yu, yu smiled and yu had the best smile in the world (no homo) but I reall do miss yu & I wish I would've told yu this when you were here but I really do love yu. The past months have been kind of tough for me. & the hard part is iSeen yu the 2 days before yu was killed and iDidnt go tlk 2 yu....why? I really don't kno & dat hurts the most I SWEAR ON EVERYTHING IF I KNEW THAT WAS THE LAST TIME I WOULD SEE YU I WOULD WENT MEET YU...but the point is iMiss yu yu are forever in mah heart & hav no doubt he is not gettin away widd this


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