Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 5:48 AM

Daughters of Destiny

So I belong to this christian church group called "Daughters of Destiny". I'm really a shy person (sometimes) so I don't like talking much. Today we tried something new. Usually us kids don't want to spend alone time with the two heads of our group, so today they put all of our names in a bags and randomly selected a person that they would take out on a 2 on 1 session before our next session in a month. Guess who just happened to be choosen? I was wtching her shake up the bag and slowly open the folded piece of paper. I saw a certain tear in the piece of paper that I knew was in mines, and then I saw, when she fully opened the page, the part where I scratched out a word. I almost screamed. It was over. I said aloud "OMG! It's me!" only to be greeted my laughs after she finished reading my name off the piece of paper. I was guh, but I'm over it now. I believe that this is a blessing undercover. I know I'm not going to talk alot cause I don't like talking to them alone but I will try and when all hope is lost, I'm going to sit back chilling listening to Nicki Minaj on through my earphones

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