Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 5:37 AM


I think alot of people forget what "Team Minaj" really is. TeamMinaj is people who love, support and promote Nicki Minaj to the fullest. We are to work together as a family and support each other as well. We are a team, more like family. We should stick together. Not shade people every 5 minutes. there are enough common folks out here who are already shading us for the jump because their ignorance of what Team Minaj really is. So why should we shade each other? Im glad Nicki is addressing this situation. There are alot of phony ppl out here and they need to be addressed! Oh yea! for the ppl who disagree with what nicki said. YOU DEF NOT A REAL DIE HARD! If your running around claiming you TM that mean your representing NIcki Minaj! If Nicki doesn't agree to what your doing then stop! because at the end of the day, We are a reflection of Nicki!

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