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Who is Team Minaj Camden????

I am Team Minaj Camden! My birth name is Jessica H. everyone called me "baybay" I live in Camden New Jersey. Im 20 years old and im a DIE HARD! I've been apart of team minaj since 09. I wouldn't call myself a "die hard" back then because i was new to the game. But as i followed Nicki journey back in the myspace days. I was becoming more educated on what "Team Minaj" really is. So i wanted to be apart of the team so i started to hit up the "TM" pages that was on Nicki top asking how to become Tm but of course no one responded. It wasn't till i made an account of twitter, where i saw the love of TM. So i tried it agin in started asking other TM members how to be apart of Tm and they told. So i first googled Nic to learn everything about her. I listen to all her mixtape music and interviews.. Once i felt i knew enough about Nic. I started calling myself "TeamMinaj" I would listen to her music every hour of the day, eyes would be glued to every computer & tv screen when she was on. Going crazy on who ever said anything bad about her. I was def in love! Wasn't never big on twitter facebook was my thing. but once i saw that its people on there that feel exactly how i feel . I had to learn. especially being tho, i thought i was the only one feeling this way. It was an amazing feeling. So as the months went by.. one day im at work and somebody told me Nicki was going be in philly. i didnt believe them because nic never posted it on her twitter. got in the car coming home from work in heard on the radio that she was coming and they was giving out free tickets.. OMG!! my heart! I it was the best news ever. I tried calling in to win but didnt win that day. so i had everybody calling trying to help me when those tix untill i won. When i finally won i was in tears... i was shaking in everything. i couldn't even talk. i was so excited, that i gave them the wrong call back number. so i had to call the station back to get the address b/c it was at a secret location. went to meet her on the 19th of November. i'll never forget that day. that day was my Moment 4 Life. Meeting nicki was the best feeling ever! Being a witness to how real and down to earth Nic was, I became a Nicki Minaj "Die Hard" every since. I got Pink Fridays" shirts made and promoted da album 24/7 its now almost a whole yr and i never stop! And dont ever plan on stopping! I love what i do and love my reasons for doing it. Thats why i tatted "TeamMinaj" on me. I take this team very serious.. Everything i say i mean it! I always say "Team Minaj Till Death Of Me" and i MEAN EVERY WORD!! i really love Nicki with all my heart. I never felt this way bout no other artist. This shxt real. They all said.. im gone regret it. but that was said before they knew how real and serious it was. Im really dedicated to my team. Its not a day goes by where i dnt mention my team or Nicki name. Im "Nicki" at work, skool & etc. Everybody thats really know me know its no games to it. Im a die hard in thats just that. They all now thankfully grown to respect it. I changed people perspectives on nicki. Most people i know Hated Nic. But once i educated them on her greatness some now like her & those that really dnt wanna give Nic a chance now respect her for the business women she really is. When you have people hitting you up like... "because of you i like Nicki Minaj now" thats a great feeling. That proves im doing my job. ( : So... JUst wanna say... S/o to the Real Team Minaj that promoting Nicki on in off computer. The ones who really here for Onika! I would like to thank you all. Love you! in hope to meet you all one day! ( :

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