Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 8:48 AM

Proud member of Team Minaj!! (( =

Im so proud to be apart of Team Minaj! Like really... Being apart of TM means alot to me. Knowing that the person i love adore and inspired by is a strong positive person, that loves me as much as i love them means the world. Watching Nic grow from mixtapeNika to albumNika is an amazing thing to witness. I sewar it feel like i birth a child. Everything she does makes me so happy. Its like im watching her grow from infancy to adulthood. So seeing her accomplish so many different goals is a beautiful thing. Like i really get teary eyed, Like thats my lil Onika! Very proud of how far she came. I remember listening to "Still I Rise" in singing it with so much heart.. Like I knew Nic was gone make it. She had all the credentials and was very dedicated into what she wanted. I love being apart of somthing so positive. I love what Nic represents.. love how she always motivating us to do our best and stay in school, get money and to never depend on anyone & Etc.. Thats like the best inspiration you'll need to succeed in life. People really dnt get that Nic is so much more than and artist. Love Onika with all my heart. She been through alot in life and worked hard and deserves all her blessing without the hate. Im so sick and tired of these wack bitches keep comparing Nic to people. Like really, Leave her be.. Like really,, I love Her and im VERY proud to be TEAM MINAJ!! Can't tell me nothing!! I got it tatted on my wrist so they know its real.. And i'll slap a BITCH!!! #OUT ( ;

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