Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 9:34 PM

Never Before and Never Again

I noticed something when I first saw the beautiful lady in her pink wig. I remember wondering, "Who in the hell is that?" and someone was like, "That's Nicki Minaj". I told myself, I have GOT to check her out. I don't know why, but I just HAVE to.

I started hearing her ringtones on phones all around me, and wondering, "Who is that?" Someone said, "That's Nicki Minaj." No more procrastinating. I gotta check this chick out. Bought the album, and fell in love.

She had gotten to me in a way that no other female artist has ever done. It's like all of her songs were written just for me, and she had gone through alot of the same shit I have. As I listened more and more, I started to read up on her. This further intrigued me, because alot of her childhood was like mine also. I remember creating imaginary friends though, who would get me through all of the damn arguing that became an everyday thing in my house.

I love Nicki. Nicki has helped me through arguements. She has helped me in times when I needed confidence. Nicki has justified my anger at times with Roman. She speaks for those of us who have no voice, those who nobody would even give a damn about, but now they do, because Nicki makes it known that all girls are important. 'I'm fighting for the girls who never thought they would win. Before they could begin, you told them it was the end, and I am to reverse the curse that you put in.'

I just figured that my first blog should be about why I am here in the first place, and why I believe that never before has there been an artist like Nicki, and never again will there be.

I love you Nicki! One day you will call me. Everyone tells me you won't, but I pray that you will. Everyday I wait, to hear from and personally thank you for being there for me without even knowing it. 913.223.1193.

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