Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 6:23 PM

murder 14 Barz

okay im murdering these bitch niggas i aint pulling the triger im talking
bars nigga i keep amonkey bar incase a nigga wanna swing
you trying me well fuck you and ya team what you mean
nigga these aint no sceem what you mean
im every body's dream like mlk
nigga call me friedie i let that led squezz
and i aint talking about drawling
like season i am never falling
told them that im poiping like nicki pop songs
but im still hood like that car hood fuck you my niggas all good
im trying to get a verse with ricomaniti i wounder if he a fan of me
what they planning to do to me
they aint fooling me my lable murder empire thats fire
these niggas i hire hang ya self bitch wire

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