Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 4:56 AM

What Grinds My Gears!! (Taken from my FB)

1. Why do they call it Victoria's Secrets? If everyone already knows about what Victoria has on underneath... so how is it really a secret?

2. Why do people say things occur in 3's... why couldn't things occur in 4's or 5's what's so great about the damn number 3, it's an odd number!?

3. What ever happened to the old shows they use to put on TV when we were like little kids, for example Doug, Rugrats, All That, and the others? Those shows were much more entertaining then the ones they show now...?

4. Why does the world spin and we never get dizzy, yet if you were to spin in place you'd fall on your ass, also why do people say "the world revolves around me"... if we're on the world and it revolves under us?

5. Why do Singers/Rappers/ Actors/Actresses use a stage name instead of their own.. even though most of their names are pretty bizarre and hard to pronounce, are they trying to hide something like a dirty little secret?

6. Why does Rap music always have something to do with sex, Country music always make white people want to do a square dance (no offense to the white people), Screamo music make you feel like you're going to bleed out your ears and eyes, Emo music make you want to cut your wrist, R&B music makes you feel like each song is yours or reminds you of a special moment, and WHO THE FUCK KILLED HIP-HOP!?!?

7. Why do" FAT" people wanna be "SKINNY" and the "SKINNY" people wanna be "FAT"? And why are the people in between those two people always confused with what ever the hell they are?

8. Why do people refer to any race that's Asian as "CHINESE", for instance you see an Asian person walking down the street and you automatically assume that the person is "CHINESE"???!! Why can't you think the person is Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Japanese etc. Also why do people consider anyone that is "HISPANIC" to be a "MEXICAN"?!

9. If they have daylight savings, shouldn't they have a nightlight savings? It sounds only fair not to just save the daylight but also the nightlight... Anyways who does save the daylight, if everyone's bill gets higher then you get when you're smoking a spliff with your uncle on Sunday afternoons? And if they had nightlight savings who would save it??!?

10. What is the world coming to with the new music industries records and hits, all the songs these days are about nothing but garbage (yet I like it and listen to it), for example you have a song called "Stanky Leg" that sounds just nasty who wants to listen to someone sing about their legs smelling although the dance is about showing your socks... then they have a new song out called "Break your Ankle" like what the hell type of name is that.... the names of songs these days really need to get fixed up even if they do sound hot.

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