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Jictionary (My Version of the Nictionary)


Amaziballs:- 1. A term used to describe a food item that tastes heavenly
to the taste buds.

Sentence: That Chocolate Mousse was AMAZIBALLS, it tasted like
pure bliss!!

Castle:- 1. A term to describe a person that is on top of their game.
2. Defines a person that knows how to step their
banana/watermelons up.

Sentence: I wish I could be like him, he's like THE definition of a

Charcoal:- 1. A term to describe a person that has burnt charcoal skin.
2. To describe someone whose skin is blacker than night.

Sentence: Damn, I can't even see ya boys face he so damn crispy

Dungeon:- 1. Opposite of castle.
2. A term to describe a person that acts rachet & steps their
banana/watermelons down.

Sentence: Bitch please!! You ain't on my level yet! You still a
Rah Rah Dungeon Bitchhhh!!!

Fakenese:- 1. A term used to describe someone who only talks &
lives the lifestyle of a fake person.
2. A fake person's nationality.

Sentence: What?! Bitch, please speak english!! I can't understand

Gorillaz:- 1. A term used to describe something that is beyond epic,
radical, & awesome combined.

Sentence: Last night was fuckin gorillaz!!! We need to do that

IBB:- 1. An abbreviation for 'Illiterate Black Bastard'.

Illiterate Black
Bastard:- 1. A term to describe someone that is very arrogant &
doesn't know when to stop talking.
2. An ignorant person.

Sentence: Umm.... You don't know shit about politics, so stop
being an illiterate black bastard :|.

Lobster:- 1. A term used to describe a person who stays out in the sun
without proper protection until they turn red.

Sentence: Ugh, I forgot to put on sun block :( I'm a lobster!!

Mary Janes:- 1. A term to describe how one's feet are rammed
into a shoe size that's way to small.

Sentence: Mmmm... She be rockin dem mary janes. Sweetie!!
You're a size 10 NOT a size 6 1/2!

Mutt:- 1. A term to describe a person that has many
2. A word to describe a mixed person.

Sentence: I'm Chinese, Egyptian, & South Korean. I'm pretty much
a mutt.

Doughnut:- 1. A term to describe a female's pussy game that
gets no play.
2. Used to refer to a vagina that is so unused that it may be
filled with dust & cobwebs.

Sentence: She hasn't had any play in months. Her vajayjay must be
a powdered doughnut drenched with extra powder.

Scraggly:- 1. A term to describe someone's dried/dull/unhealthy
looking hair.
2. Hair that needs proper grooming.

Sentence: Heifer you would need to go to the salon. Your shit
looks fuckin scraggly as hell.

Shitlings:- 1. A term to describe one's hair that looks like shit is
hanging off their head.

Sentence: Check her out! She feels all bad with her shitlings!!

Slip N Slide:- 1. A term to describe a female's pussy game.
2. Opposite of powdered doughnut.

Sentence: I got that Slip N Slide pussy. Pussy so wet his dick
be bathing in it ;)!!

Zebra:- 1. A term to describe a person that is black on the outside
& white on the inside & vice versa.

Sentence: That girl is such a zebra! If you spoke to her you'd think
you were conversing with a white girl.


Anti-Local:- 1. A foreign person that is visiting or currently living on
your mother land.
2. A tourist.

Sentence: Fuck!! I hate catching the bus during tourist season!!
Buses be crammed with muthafuckin anti-locals -.-!

Burtch:- 1. The combination of Burnt + Bitch.
2. A person that is black & ignorant.

Sentence: Stop being a burtch all ya damn life, shit doesn't always
go ya damn way.

Class is
Dismissed:- 1. A way to instantly end a unnecessary
phone call or conversation.

Sentence: You're saying anything. Class is DISMISSED!!

Downer:- 1. A person that tries to belittle your thoughts/ideas/dreams.
2. Someone that rains negativity on your positive outlook.

Sentence: Oh really? You feel like a Debbie Downer today?!
Well, Blast the fuck Off!!

Traitor:- 1. A person that betrays you, with no care of how their
betrayal affects you.
2. A pussy/wimp/snitch.

Sentence: Me & Kenny use to be cool back in the day, until he stole
my girl & became a dickless traitor.

Error:- 1. A person that is a waste of time & space, & most likely
a mistake in this world.

Sentence: Your mama should've just gave your daddy head &
called it a night. You're a bigger error than
Donald Trump!

Fisherman:- 1. A person that wears a floppy hat that looks as
if they're about to go fishing.

Sentence: Look dear!!! Its another fisherman ahahahaha!!

Lumpkins:- 1. A male that has a lot of hair covering his stomach
&/or chest area.
2. A man with to much body hair.

Sentence: My dad is a total fuzzy lumpkins. He looks like he could be
a cast member on the Planet of the Apes.

HL:- 1. An abbreviation for 'Head Lesbian'.
2. A female that acts like a man, & is in charge of her pack of friends.

Sentence: You see that bitch? She's the HL of her clique.

LBA:- 1. An abbreviation for 'Lesbian By Association'.
2. The right hanf of the HL.
3. A female that is considered as a lesbian for associating with an
actual lesbian.

Sentence: Fuck the HL & the LBA!! Bitches ain't shit &
they ain't sayin nothin!!!

Mr. Noodle:- 1. A male that looks skinny as a twig with no
meat on his bones.
2. A guy that is in desperate need of going to a gym
to build some muscle.

Sentence: I would never date a Mr. Noodle, I might break him
if I sit on him.

Pancake:- 1. A female that has no junk in her trunk & no
breast on her chest.
2. A person that is as flat as a food based substance
consumed for breakfast.

Sentence: That girl ain't got nothing to hold on to, she's a
straight up pancake.

Pink Pussy:- 1. A heifer that always wears pink as if she only owns
a wardrobe of pink items.
2. The modern day barbie.

Sentence: Look at that pink pussy. She's been wearing a different
shade of pink for the past few days.

Rectangle:- 1. A wide bitch with no shape whatsoever.

Sentence: Scuze me?! Rectangle, don't be hatin cause I got more
curves than an hourglass.

Resputia:- 1. A big bitch that thinks she's the shit, but in actual fact
she isn't the shit & acts like she's the best thing
since sliced bread.

Sentence: That bitch thinks she's a fuckin barbie! But she ain't
nothin more then an uppity Resputia!!

Rum Cake:- 1. A fat fuck that smells of alcohol.

Sentence: OMG! You see that rum cake staggerin outta Docksiders?!

Slore:- 1. The combination of Slut + Whore.
2. A person that is highly experienced in the art of
being a superb whore.

Sentence: "See that girl over there?" "Yeah." "She's classified as a
slore, looking at her might just give you something."

Urchin:- 1. A person that lives off the land by begging for money
& rummages through garbage at times.
2. A hobo.

Sentence: I carry a coupla wet wipes in case a street urchin try
to touch me. Eww!!

Walker:- 1. A person that sells their body to others to perform
sexual deeds.
2. A prostitute.

Sentence: I beat that raggedy ass street walker Shalikah's ass for
tryna steal my corner.

Money:- 1. The lowest form of paper money that a stripper
gets paid with.
2. 1$ & 2$ bills.

Sentence: I don't have any large sums of money. I guess I have to
use my stripper money to pay for my tab.

Bicycle:- 1. The neighborhood whore.
2. A person that sleeps around with person after person
without a care.

Sentence: Look at that village bicycle!! She'll fuck you, your brother,
your dad, your uncle, & might possibly even give
your mom a ride around the block.


Off:- 1. Said when you want someone's stank ass up out your face.

Sentence: What you say to me?! Blast Off!! Nigga Blast the fuck Off!!

DOLL:- 1. an abbreviation for 'Dying Of Laughter Loudly'.

Sentence: Omg! When ya boy fell down the steps I was doll xD.

Take:- 1. When one checks their appearance a few times before
going to an event/outing.
2. Making sure you are dressed decently before
leaving your residence.

Sentence: Before you even leave the house you best do a double
take because I will not go anywhere with you looking
a hot ass mess.

Sandwiches:- 1. Making money.

Sentence: I gotta do what I gotta do to make dem sandwiches.

Poke:- 1. A motion from one person to another person/ an object
with a finger or item.
2. A way one greets their friends.

Sentence: :O Look!! Its James, let's go poke him!!!

Check:- 1. When a person looks at another persons life & helps
them realize the idiotic things they're doing.

Sentence: I'm the banker & ya'll need to cash in your
reality check!!

Scry:- 1. The combination of Scream + Cry.
2. The ugly cry.

Sentence: BonQueesha has been scryin all day ever since she
caught Lebron in bed with the Village Bicycle
last night.

Slurpin:- 1. Hanging with ones friends.
2. Relaxing & enjoying the company of other people.
3. Chillin.

Sentence: Tonight I'm gonna be slurpin with my crew up in
Café Cairo.

Smores:- 1. The act of having sexual relations with
another person.
2. A camper's pet name for sex.

Sentence: Duuuude! I had smores with my girl last night &
it was fuckin gorillaz!!

Soup:- 1. A place you tell a white person to go.
2. A white persons place of origin.

Sentence: Ayo!! Cracker hop off my fuckin plate & go back
to your soup bowl!!

Fight:- 1. When two or more people tickle each other which
which leads to a tickling war.

Sentence: What time is it?! Tickle Fight!!!

Thinking:- 1. When one thinks up an assumption of what
you wish for.

Sentence: "You wish you could have all of this ;)!" "Ew. That's
wishful thinking, because I don't want your
crusty ass!"


Blistex:- 1. A lip balm used to keep one's lips moist
& not chapped.

Sentence: I need to invest in some blistex for my chapped lips.

Mad at
That:- 1. A phrase used when one is disturbed by something
another person has done.

Sentence: Are you serious? I'm mad at that, who steals $1.50?!

Domo:- 1. People that love any & everything that is or deals
with Domo.

Sentence: TEAM DOMO up in this bitch!! #DOMONation

Loquat:- 1. Friend's that know each other very well, & will never
be broken apart no matter the situation.
2. Best friends that will e friends until the end of time
& in the after life.

Sentece: We are Team Loquat for life, even after death do us part!

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