Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 2:48 AM

Bad Bunny

I'm naughty like a bunny, and sly like a fox;
You can try and fuck me, but I'm tighter than Fort Knox.
I'm looking for a man to have and to hold;
Not some nigga who thinks I'm a leprechaun, with a magical pot of gold.
I want a man who's willing to be by my side;
Not a random nigga who's gonna make me swallow his pride.
If you're into games and tryna holler at me;
Go sit your ass down and play your XBOX or PS3.
I'm not into 40 year olds wanting to sex me;
I ain't handing out applications to be my sugar daddy.
Be close to my age and we'll do just fine;
We can go out to wine and dine.
I ain't materialistic, so don't spend money on me;
All I need is love, if you wanna make me happy.

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