Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 11:19 PM

Freedom (My version for the 2nd verse)

What I want in life? Is to be with somebody;
Who gives two shits about me? Nobody.
Niggas be telling me they like me then turn shady;
Why you wanna be a Shady McGrady?
All niggas are real until you catch em being fake;
The devastation my heart just can't take.
What I gotta do to get some love & affection?;
Cause I'm not gonna be a slut & please every dudes erection.
I wish I was fuckin Heterosexual.
I swear my sexuality is a mistake;
Like when your mom didn't suck your pops, that was a mistake.
I can't even find love in a hopeless place;
When I find love I hope its face to face. Cute dude, same race.
I'm alone, I'm alone;
I hate being alone!
Boys are buck wild & crazy;
I think I'm high, cause shits lookin hazy.
I want a man who's willing to be by my side;
Not a random nigga who's gonna make me swallow his pride.

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