Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 4:49 AM

Javier Moment

Ugh!!! The other day I had the biggest blonde moment ever thanks to my bestie rubbing of on me. So, I was in a pet store with my ace girl looking at the animals ( I mainly wanted to see the puppies, but they were sold the fuck out :[) then I decided to look at the pet toys. I see this lil flat toy squirrel. On it's tag it said that it was 'stuffing free', so I was looking all over the toy looking for a hole. Then it hit me 'stuffing free' meant it was free of stuffing, I wasn't paying attention and thought you had to stuff it with something for the dog to get out of the toy like a treat X.x I was soooo embarrassed, smh, and ever since then my blonde moments have been getting worst.

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