Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 2:30 AM

MTV Shows

I love watching Teen Wolf, Awkward, Catfish, & most recently Girl Code. Lol those shows are entertaining as hell & always have me waiting for the next episode just to know what's gonna happen next or be discussed. Teen Wolf is fucking amazing, like who doesn't think a were wolf is hot (although they don't exist), Taylor Lautner was like one of the sexiest fake were wolves out. & everyone on Teen Wolf can be considered on #PrettyGang, but I'm #TeamStiles when it comes to Teen Wolf, he's just mad adorable & he has no actual special abilities which makes him plain amongst the others, but he's a sweetheart with a big heart & a great friend. Next is Awkward, that is my muthafucking shit!!! I love me some Awkward, I watch Awkward like I was a girl on birth control, if I miss a show I feel like I'm late. The story line for Awkward is simply amazing with its various twists & turns, it keeps you on your toes like a sex novel that you never ever want to put down. Each episode will have you ctfu or in shock. For Awkward I'd have to say I'm #TeamJenna, she's just very down to earth & she's relatable to what some people go through. Catfish, I feel so sad for the people that get Catfish'd. I don't think anyone needs to deal with that, like why make up a fake person & talk to someone & toy with their feelings for months or even years. If you like someone just be real enough to be yourself & talk to the person, if they don't like you for who the fuck you are, they're clearly not worthy of your time, so you need to move the fuck along. & Girl Code, that show is funny af. Like I'm a guy & I find that shit hilarious, but it teaches you a lot for both guys & girls. Shit gets real on that show. Also, I love Jersey Shore even though that doesn't come on MTV anymore & I also like Snooki & Jwoww's show, its cute & interesting.

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