Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 11:04 PM

The Dream

The Dream is my favorite male R&B singer. His music is beyond amazing because saying his music is amazing is pretty much a damn well understatement of the truth. He's made plenty of hit songs & wrote a lot of hit songs for a lot of well known singers. Every album he has produced has been fucking phenomenal, each song is worth listening to, so there's no need to skip a track. The same way Nicki has pure hits & her albums are fire, like who the fuck listens to a Nicki Minaj album or mixtape & skips a track? Nofuckinbody does that shit. Ever. So I feel that The Dream should write a song for Nicki or he can feature on a song in the upcoming third album. I think they would make a song that would just blow minds & make jaws drop. I'm sure them two working together would make a hit instantly.

Besides, The Dream has made plenty of hit songs for people like Beyoncé & more.
But, that's just my opinion on that matter.

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