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Witnessing Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson Obliterate His Team

On this vacation from reality, our tour guide happens to be Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.After witnessing Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson obliterate his team with a historic 329-yard performance, Jones was asked Tuesday on his weekly radio program whether he thought Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders could have shut down Megatron".
.Yes, I do", Jones said on KRLD-FM".Deion had such catch-up speed, and he had real good centerfield ability, and I mean that in baseball term but in a football sense.
.He could really play the ball and he had such the ability to get in position to play the ball".Sanders himself could have been the impetus behind the question to Jones.On Monday, presumably responding to people asking him the same question, Sanders tweeted that the eras aren't comparable: Fans it's not fair to compare Then to Now! I realize it's fun and these kids can play but This Ain't THAT.Truth — DeionSanders (@DeionSanders) October 29, 2013Jerry Jones who is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys said Deion Sanders got this ability to stop Calvin Johnson whose nickname is Megatron.This Detroit Lions’ wide receiver got all the attention after his last game against the Cowboys broke the NFL’s record with an unbelievable 329 yards.
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