Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 9:49 PM

My tru Barbs/Kenbarbs

Hey i know i havent written a blog in a while and it has just came 2 me that i havent really came on as much just letting u all know all the barbs and kenbarbs, u r my familia. I pray u all think of me that way and if u don't know that i will always be there for u. Message me on here whenever cuz if u goin through something i know how u feel. Know that if no one else will listen i'll be here cuz no one truly understood wat i was goin thru and i promise i'll make sure u will be heard and that never happens 2 u I pray u'll c this blog if u goin off the egde u have someone 2 fall back on.
I luv u all
-Preppiest Barb

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