Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 3:21 AM

1yr old!!!! Sethyyy Julius Trueblood!!!

So my son is finally 1! We had an awesome bday for him! i cant believe its already been this long! I love him so much, ineva knew i had so much love 2 give 2 1 person. Hes my world and i kno if ur a parent u wud understand how that love is! i think about the future all the time and how i want to raise my son. Thanx 2 Nicki, i stuck to my books and focused on my nursing n now i only have 2 more years 2 go! jus wen i felt like i cud no longa do it Nicki always gives those inspirational speeches 2 her Barbz n BELIEVE ME they have mysterious ways of working. I LOVE U ONIKA TANYA

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