Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 11:37 PM

Biggest NICKI fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words really cnt describe how i feel for NIck. I mean she like my big sis that i neva met b4 lol i support her 100! Every1 who knows me knws bout Nick.... I idolize her but in my OWN way !!!! i have my own fakes, lets keep it original!!!! Oh yeh n were both Sagittarius born in the same month but diff years!!!! its amazing!!!!! my bday is 12/07 n her is right afta mines 12/08.....i love it, like it was meant for me 2 gain influence from her! the way she do bizznessss, is somethin i admire! i learn from her....shes so patient im suprised by her sometimes. She da realist, n i kno its pry hard 2 stay humble in the music industry but she is truly blessed because God keeps blessing her! I love u Nickii! One day we will meet! the perfect timing!!!!! God Bless Nicki Minaj!!!!!!

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