Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 8:39 PM

crazy dream...

I had the craziest dream...
Well ,basically the night before I was listening to the Roman reloaded album so I was already thinking about Nicki Minaj so I close my eyes and all of a sudden I'm at school freaky right when we dream we are suppose to go to our dreamland or best place but I was dumped at school how fucking creative mind:/ . Any who I come to school pretty early so I was tired and slept of guess who arrived Nicki Minaj OMFG she was signing autographs and taking pictures even though were not allowed phones there is an exceptions for everything !
But somehow I was still asleep no-one woke me up then i just woke up because that dream turned into a nightmare?
Never will I ever let my mind wonder of next time I'll create my own dream hehehe.

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