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icki Minaj followed me on 4|25|12 the day she finally started tweeting after she deactivated her account. I was soooo pissed that I couldn't really focus on what she was tweeting or even get a chance to tweet her because I was driving and heading to work. I did manage to tweeted her real fast, said "I'm just glad she tweeting us like the happiness that's pulsing trough my body is REAL folks!!! I LOVE YOU @NICKIMINAJ" and just left my phone alone. I get to work (Subway) and its busy like always so I start working. I realize that my phone is going off like crazy from twitter, I usually ignore my phone while making sandwiches cuz well I'm fucking making sandwiches but I had a feeling she RT me, tweeted me, or something. So in the middle of making this man's sandwich I pull my phone out of my pocket just a tad to see what my notifications said and I fucking see an email and it says "Nicki Minaj follows boyminj77". I at this point am in utter shock I drop my phone in pocket and literally stare at the guy I'm making the sandwich for. He's telling me what to put on his sandwich and I'm not doing anything but staring at the dude in a daze. I'm thinking like did she really fucking follow me or did I read the email wrong. Idk I was siking myself out so I yelled I have to go to the bathroom and left (in the middle of a rush at that). I ran to the bathroom lock the door and pull out my phone I look at it and thereĆ¢??s about 30 notifications saying congratulations and random people following me. I'm getting all excited and teary eyed to where I can't read whats on my phone. I get to the email and It actually says that she is following me I start bawling in the bathroom like full blown cryin like a lil bitch. Meanwhile theres like 20 customers and only 2 ppl working out there so I have to go and help them. I get out there and it's sooo obvious I was crying nobody says anything till we die down. My Co Workers now how much I love Nicki, I talk about her all the time even got them liking her so when I told them the reason I was cryin they first laughed and clowned on me so hard!! but I want trippin I just starred at that email for like 20 mins smiling. They got excited for me and we seriously celebrating, singing her shit, danced and what not. But yea, that was the day Nicki Minaj my Hero Followed this bitch!!!!

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