Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 2:18 AM

1/20/13 My Longest Blog Yet. Please Read All If Not At Least The Middle & End

So Im Obsessing Over Going To Meet Nicki Minaj!!
Im Literally Over Thinking All Of It.Ive Watched How To Rob A Bank (Not A Documentary But The Action Movie) I Was Willing To Do It For A Quick Second ;p Yea Right Im Not Willing To Go To Jail Just To Meet Nicki...But Like Seriously I Know For A Fact I Wont Ever Get To Meet Her :'( Bc Im A Poor Ass 14 Almost 15yrd.!! I Hate Being In A Very Low Income Family It Sucks!!All I Do Is Go To School & Come Home I Never Get To Go Have Fun..!I Get Good Grades In All My Classes & Im Don't Do Drugs & I Don't Have A Boyfriend...Well Not Yet But I Think I Will Cause This Guy Has A Crush On Me.So We'll See How That Goes.But Like Seriously A lot Of Ppl Have Met Her And Some Who Haven't But Like Do I Really Have To Make A Video Of Me Crying Saying I Wanna Meet Nicki (Like That Little Girl Who Cried Over Justin Bieber & Then Got To Meet Him) ? Or Make A Video Of Me Singing Super Bass And Go Viral Cause Im Cute (Like Those 2 Little Girls Who Wore Pink Tuttus & Got On Ellen & Met Nicki Twice)?What Do I Have To Do That Doesn't Involve Money & Driving Let Me Tell You Nothing Bc Everything Is About Money & Involves Driving.!Like Literally I Wish I Had Endless Money & A Driver So I Can Meet Nicki!I Listen To Her Music Everyday I Feel Like I Connect With Her!I Even Watched The E! special About Her (The My Truth Nicki Special 3 Parts I Believe) Yea I Recorded That And My Family Deleted It -.- Well In Other News I Got My Emancipation Paperwork So Yea Gonna Get Emancipated Soon -.- Yay Shitty Ass Life!
My Biological Mother Called The Cops And Told Them I Was Dead So They Had To Do A Safety Check -.- Yea They Know Me Very Well Bc My Crazy Psychopathic Mom.She Doesnt Even Deserve That Title.I Have So Much Drama Because Of Her.She Fucked Me Up So Bad Its Amazing That I Have Common Sense And Im Sane Well Excluding That One Time I Beat The Crap Out Of Myself Bc She Made Me So Cray Cray With Her Drama. I Cant Type Anymore Bc Idk What Else To Say But I Realllyyyy Want To Meet Nicki!!People Please Help Me!!!

  1. Beautiful Stranger avatar

    On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 12:24 AM, Beautiful Stranger said:

    Yea It Does Suck :(
    That Day Will Never Come For Me Bc I Know For A Fact I Wont Have That Type Of Money.!

  2. BIGnickifan333 avatar

    On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 4:44 PM, BIGnickifan333 said:

    Mann... Yeah it sucks not having any money.. Meeting Nicki would the world to both you and me (right). But anyway, that day will come no matter how long it takes. :). #TeamMinaj.

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