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So I Just Got My First Message On Here & I Feel Like You All Listen To Me & Some Of You Can Relate To Me & My Problems Which Is Really Cool!!I Feel Like This Is My Home & You All Are My Family You Know Siblings,Aunts,Uncles,Cousins,And What Not...And The Most Special Person In A Family Is The Mom And Here I Consider Nicki My Mom :) Lol
My Real Family Can Be Very Annoying But To Sum It All It Were Dysfunctional.We Fight & Hate Each other. :( Its Sad & Irritating But You Cant Pick An Choose Who Your Family Is.
My Father Doesn't Live With Me Anymore Bc He Moved To Make A Better Life For Us.It Was Only Supposed To Be For A Couple Of Months You Know 1 Or 2 At The Most But Work Was Hard To Find & Finally When My Winter VayKay Came I Was Supposed To Go Up There And Visit But He Found Out My Biological Mother Could Get Him Arrested Bc Of The Court Order (Says He Cant Take Me Out Of The State & Same Goes For Her).He Had Already Bought The Ticket & I Had Already Packed But He Canceled The Ticket :( I Was So Devastated I Cried My Heart Out.I Felt Abandoned When In Reality Im Not Bc If I Really Was My Father & I Wouldn't Talk Everyday & He Wouldn't Try To Send Me Money To Support Me.Im Still Obsessing Over Meeting Nicki minaj.!I Wonder If Shes Even Seen My Blog?I Hope She Has.I Think I Kind Of Relate To Her From When She Was Little (Read A Sample Of A Book Based On Her Life As A Teen) My Birthday Is Coming Up In 3months :( Im Gonna Be 15.I Want Something But Its To Much To Ask For & So Far All I Can Ask For Is Clothes Bc I Need Them Desperately & Sometimes They're Cheap.What I Really Want Is To Meet Nicki!.But All I Can Do Is Keep Wishing Bc It Will Never Happen Bc I Will Never Have That Type Of Money. :(

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