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Why Do Kids Have To Be So Fucked Up Now A Days?
I Get Bullied A Lot In School!Ive Been Told That Im Maturer Than Most Kids My Age & I Literally Hang With My Teachers Mostly...But Im Lucky I Haven't Gotten Into Any Fights...I Was Taught By My Father How To Kill Someone...You Know The Nose To The Palm Of Your Hand Move.So Im Prepared For Kidnappers & Rappists But If I Ever Fight Im Scared I Might Use That Move.I Know A Lot Others But Idk What If You Know.?!
Nicki Has Not Even Accepted My Friend Request On Here Yet.Feeling Kinda Stupid Because It's Like All Celebrities Are The Same.They Only Pay Attention To Die Hard Fans And The Rest Get Ignored & Plus They're Are Always So Busy With Tours,Apperances,Music Videos...ETC...ETC.My Theory Is Not Working As I Planned So Far Because No One Has Really Viewed My Profile,Read My Blogs,Shared Me,Or Friend Requested Me.I Really Don't Want To Give This Dream Up It's All I Really Want But My Family Just Want Me To Focus On Trying To Get Clothes,Get Good Grades,And Be A Good Child.But I Never Get To Have Fun!I Stay Home All The Time Excluded When I Have To Go To School.No One Invites Me To Go Places With Them :( I Want A Real Life You Know Going Out With Friends & Having Fun.Making My Dreams Come True!But When You Have No Money Everything Is Impossible!I Sometimes Just Feel Like Giving Up & Dropping Out Of School,Running Away,Living In A Cardboard Box & Dieing Alone.But I Don't Because Something Pushes Me To Keep Going Idk What Bc Everything In My Life Is Crap!!My Own Father Is Not Even Here For Me I Haven't Seen Him In 7 Months Bc Hes Up In Washington Trying To Make A Better Life For Us.This Isn't Helping Me Im Literally Crying As I Type This.I Miss Him So Much!I Hate Being Separated From Him Because Im Not As Strong As I Am With Him Here For Me.I Hate This So Much!!!

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