Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 5:58 AM


So Nicki Hasn't Shown Me Any Love On Twitter :(
I Literally Considered Living In My Cardboard Box Mansion Bc My Cousin Who Does Drugs Is Still At My House And My Grandma Is Protecting Her And Choosing Her Over All My Familys Safety.Real Smooth Grandma -.-t Thats Fucked Up!I Feel So Unsafe And Last Night I Broke Out In Hives Because Im Freaking Out Way Too Much According To My Aunt.Man I Fucking Hate It Here If I Had A Choice I'd Live With Jo Jo Then Maybe I'd Learn How To Do My Own Hair,Cook My Own Food,And Do My Own Laundry.No One Here Is Teaching Me These Things!Its Like I Have To Figure Out Everything & When I Try They Won't Let Me!!!
Fuck Man How Am I Supposed To Be Prepared For The Real World If No One Will Help Me?

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