Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 4:42 AM

Don't Even Get Me Started

So My Mother Set Her Bf Up To Type Write Me A Letter And He Didn't Even Put His Name Or Address On The Letter But I Figured Out It Was From Him.They're Are Trying To Make Me Feel Bad About Ny Decision That I Made.Which Was The Right Decision To Make Cause Now Im Safer And Better.But It's Stupid Shes Harrassing Me & My Family & Threatning My Family.!I Wanna Punch Her In The Face.!Shes An Unfit Parent.It's Been Proven.
- She Kidnapped Me From My Father
- She Abused Me
- She Emotional Black Mailed Me
- She's The Reason I Have Asthma
- She Was Treating Me Like A Slave
- She Was "Bed Ridden" And I Would Lite Matches & Eat My Life Away (I Was Little)
She Didn't Care Or Even Know.
She Doesn't Even Love Me.If She Did She Would Stop Doing What Shes Doing And Grow T'F Up And Be A Parent!

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