Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 1:55 AM


So Yesterday Was Drill Competition & I Spent The Whole Day With Jo Jo :)
She Is My Favorite Person Right Now Bc Everyone Else Is Annoying & Acting Like Asses!
Wish She Would Just Adopt Me & I Could Be Really Happy!
Im Sad When Im Not With Her & I Get All Crazy & Start Missing Everyone..!
So I Stopped Procrastinating And Cleaned My Guinea Pig's Cage & My Room But No One Told Me That They Were Proud Of Me!All Anybody Did Was Complain & Just Say Stuff That I Didn't Wanna Hear!
Fuck I Hate Being Here So Much It's Not Funny & No One Here Cares They Think That Im Just Being Stupid And Nothing Is Wrong Here.!
Bitch Step Into My Shoes And See How You Like It!

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