Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 1:38 AM

To The Barbz Who Commented On My Blogs!

This one is for you guys!
I wanna Thank you guys so much for caring and giving advice to me.You guys are so caring...No wonder why nicki wants to just eat you guys up :p lol. I only wish that nicki would have like a lil get together with just us lol.My die hard dream is to meet nicki! I used to just drive myself crazy just thinking about it and then I gave it up because I dont have that type of money & I never will because I have more things to worry about and take care of.It really sucks to give up a dream.Its like giving up life.But the barbz here make me feel loved and cared about more than i am at my house.So Barbz thanks so much! <3 :*

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