Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 6:46 AM

Calling All Barbz Who Care About Me!!

I need your guys help to get Nicki's attention.Tweet her, message her, and just do what you have to to get her to notice me and maybe rt me or chat with me idc if its even a second it counts to me.Tell Nicki everything you know about me, Tell her how I really want to meet her for my birthday!! Cause honestly I really do.I would do anything to meet Nicki!Or at least take a picture with her.!Im a minor so yea Obviously i cant just buy a ticket to go meet her cause those things are too expensive even my dad said he cant do it.!I love Nicki so much I idolize her I look up to her shes like a part of my life.I have alter egos and one of them comes out more than the others and that one is with all the attitude but my therapist says its bc i put up my wall and push ppl away cause of what my mother has done to me.I've been through so many horrible times when i was 6 or 7 my mother almost killed me all i remeber was her always giving me childrens tyleno (I was sick at the time) and then i was in an ambulence and i was being taken to icu and my father had to drive from la to landcaster and i was hooked uo to iv's.I almost lost everything that day!I thank god everyday that im alive and living my life.Then when i was 12 I almost lost my father.Its really hard for me to talk about that day bc it scares me so much cause im a daddys girl and hes my only biological parent that i have left.Well one day I was in my room with my music on blast, facebook in the other tab, and another site in the other tab.I was fine knowing my father was at work with my uncle (they were construction workers) i knew my dad would be safe bc hes strong and hes like a stunt devil if he falls he knows how to fall without getting hurt.So all of a sudden my music stops and my aunt bursts in my room looking for er purse and shes breathing weird and im like whats wrong and she says to me all shakey do you want to come with me to the hospital and i said why what happened she says idk but your father is in the hospital.At that moment my heart was in my throat and i was on the virg or tears and i was like omg i might lose my father today.I quickly grab my shoes and run out the door and jump into the car before my aunt catches up and it doesnt hit me until my aunt tells me to call my uncle and ask him what hospital to go to and as im speaking to my uncle im crying so hard i can barely speak bc im not getting my questions answered and finally we get to the hospital and my aunt is pulling me back bc im running not looking for cars but running for the hospital entrance door and shes saying a prayer and im crying still.We finally are in the waiting room and im shaking and all i want is to see my father.Were the last people there and im thinking oh shit this is the moment of truth you may not have a father anymore.And then the doctor comes out saying hes gonna be ok but they need to keep him.We get the ok to see him but the nurse is saying i cant go back there bc its icu and my aunt raises her vouce and my uncle and just everyone is saying no its her father she has the right to see him and i was crying a lil and then the nurse says ok in a sarcastic way so my aunt and i go back and i see him in the bed with a brace on his neck blood on his face and something around his hand and my aunt asks him if he knows her and he says yeah your my sister and she asks the same question except about me and he thinks im his niece that made me cry so much and shes says no try again and he finally says my daughter And i say yeah hey dad.So im crying trying to hold his good hand but to afraid to bc i dont want to hurt him.My aunt asks the nurse if he broke his neck and she says that they think its not but to be sure they left it on.My aut and i are about to go when my father wants me to give him a hug and a kiss goodbye but when he tries to lean over his face cringes at the pain hes in and i try my hardest to lean over but the bar prevents me and it makes me sad bc hes just trying to comfort me and when i leave i take his cut up shirt covered in blood and hos cut up pants also covered in blood (they cut off his clothes) i took them home and slept with them and when i woke up i cryed so much my eyes were puffy and red.A couple days went by before i saw him again and i found out that e had a skull fracture, broken finger, and a gash on his head.He went into surgery twice.My father looked horrible for a couple of days and i tryes to stay with him overnight but i got sick and went home.He got better over time but it was a full week before he came home and when he did i stayed with him all day and night.I was so happy to have him home.But there was a catch he had pins in his hand and couldnt move it and he had to go to hand therapy for the longest and it made me sad because of the pain he was in.But i thank god that hes ok and alive.Bc he fell off a 15ft roof and survived most people dont survive that.

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    On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 5:24 AM, Beautiful Stranger said:

    Thank You. & I Get That A Lot :)

  2. Modest Nuel avatar

    On Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 8:17 AM, Modest Nuel said:

    OMG! THANK GOD. So touching. I feel like crying. Take care dear. God protects his own

  3. Modest Nuel avatar

    On Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 8:15 AM, Modest Nuel said:

    OMG! THANK GOD. So touching. I feel like crying. Take care dear. God protects his own

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