Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 4:33 AM

Update About My Birthday.

So my birthday is in 7 days :) im gonna be 15 & what I really want is to meet nicki minaj!If anybody can make this happen please please PLEASE tell me or make it happen for me.Thats all i ever and truely want is to meet her.I've had amazing dreams about meeting her.I want my dream/wish to come true.So barbz & kenz if you could please tell nicki my dream.Get the word out that babytaylor310 wants to meet nicki minaj for her 15th birthday.This will be the 1st birthday without my father here with me and it will be really hard for me bc he was always there for me.But i will see him soon hopefully after all this court drama.But if i could just meet nicki it would make my year.!I would cry tears of joy if i met her!I would die happy!Please god let my wish/dream come true it's all i want.

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