Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 12:32 AM

What Makes Someone A True Minaj Fan. . ?

I Wana Know What Makes Someone A TRUE Minaj Fan. .
Is It Because You Know All Her Sonqs Word From Word ?
Can Do Her Face Expressions With The Crazy Sounds ?

  1. Buy All Her Cd's ?
Or Because You Been #TeamMinaj Even When She Was A Underground Rapper ?
Well Really . I Consider Myself To Be A TRUE Minaj . I Dont Really Like Female Rappers Like Dat But I Love Nicki Minaj . She's Different . Not Scared To Be Herself . Speaks Her Mind . Cares Highly of Her Fans &nd LOVES TO Give Back . Whats There Not To Love . So Please If Anyone Can Answer My Question On What A TRUE Minaj Fan Is . . Feel Free To Spill. .

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