Sun, May 1, 2011 at 4:53 PM

Spoken Word

Living near the edge
So one can see wats up ahead

u see u left me lonely
Left me in this cold world 2 fend for myself

Brush pass me and I can only see u and nobody else

While u see u left me w/ a broken heart and nothing else

No explanation u just left
But wat am I to expect
Wat am I to expect frum someone that has it all figured out

Someone that has the answer to everything
but can never seem to answer me one simple thing

Why did u leave?

Was it me?
Or who I was pretending to be?

Or was it someone else who was something I cld never be?

That is wat I constanly ask myself.

Did I love u or did I just want to grasp the feeling

Feeling of being sky high where no one cld reach me

Feeling of me doing things wrong just so u cld teach me

Feeling of being loved whenever u were w/ me

But I was wrong
yes wrong
But I have grown to be oh so strong

Let go for ur grip on me was as tight as a pyton

But each day I become more free as I write on

Right on man just be carefree
Why care for u?if u don't care for me?

Eyes full of haze but now I see clearly
Stranger than as u are a stranger now

I mean I am talkin about the beginning and now
I wldnt call it the end b/c we will meet again

But this time I will be the one
I will be the one to pretend as if we were never lovers nor frds

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