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Minaj was born in 1984[8] in Saint James, (a suburb of Trinidad and Tobago's capital city Port of Spain). Her parents were of Indian and Afro-Trinidadian ancestry and she lived in Saint James with her grandmother until age five, because her parents were looking for a place to live in the Queens borough of New York City at the time. Her mother would occasionally visit, and one day, when Minaj was five, her mother picked her up to move to Queens. According to Minaj, her father drank heavily, took drugs, and once tried to kill her mother by setting the house on fire.

She attended Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School 210, where she played the clarinet.She graduated from LaGuardia High School.At LaGuardia, a school specializing in music and the visual and performing arts, Minaj participated in the drama program She had initially planned to sing at LaGuardia, but lost her voice on the day of the audition

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