Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 3:14 PM

What a fridging experience... LMFAO the things i'd go thru for Nicki !

By: $

Last night I decided to do me some fridging! So I go downstairs to the kitchen and ask my friend Lyn to come with me to take the picture.. Pauz. We have this new huge stainless steel modern fridge that I've never used and I was so excited that it was big enough for me to get in. I jumped in and told Lyn to hold the fridge's door in one hand while taking the picture with other hand since the door was so heavy! So she starts taking pictures then hears my mom's voice coming towards the kitchen for some reason she freaked out and let go of the fridge door! Here I am stuck in the fridge and yelling Lynnnn and knocking..She tries to open the door but its locked, I try to push the door from the inside still locked.. apparently once you close the fridge you can't open it till after 3 minutes !!! Yes, I was stuck in the fridge for 3 minutes LOL.

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