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How I met Nicki Minaj (The truth that no one will read)

By: Bern

I know it will seem like a big lie, but fuck it, that I will say is 100% true and still have impact on my life ...

Since the 1st grade, I suffer from bullying, and bullying that was started by a member of my family. She enjoyed me and "spin" my sexuality, hurting me. After it starts hurting me, the other kids started to mimic the actions of my cousin ...
To be happy, I created a world where I was happy with my "imaginary friends." At the beginning they were only 3 friends, but over the years, the bullying was increasing and my need to have "friends" to protect myself was also increasing.
When I was 11 "friends", a colleague of mine (who knew of my problem) told me a rapper who used alter egos in his life and thought that she and I had a lot in common! I began to listen to the songs and find out more about the life of Nicki, and confirmed that what my friend had told me was true!
When finished the 9th grade, had 12 "alter egos." My disturbance over the years was enormous and started "embody" the personality of my "friends"

Today, I'm in 10th grade, and the bullying stopped completely due to the different mentalities, but the problem remains of alter egos ...
Summarizing my refuge during these last 3 years was the Nicki Minaj and her music, my true friends, my family and myself.

I do not expect you to believe, just hope you will read

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    power of the #alteregos my friend

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