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By: Iam_Ken!

InTrOdUcInG 3 oF mY aLtEr EgOs...DeRs Desmond:DeSmOnd,iS tHe lAiD bCk Prt Of mE, The 1 WhO lUvS ShOppIn, N hAnGiN wIt FrEnDs..DeRs Ken: kEn iiS dA gUy Who's JuS lYke FtW..KeN oNLy cRes BoUt HiMseLf,N wIll PoP oFF N aNy MiN, HE ALSO HATES KRIMLINS & PPL WHO CLAIM THEY DONT LIKE NICKI MINAJ! (Yt He'S HiBeRnAtIn,SooN 2 WaKe Up...)..There's TheUltimateKenbarb:iF yHu hVent hEaRd oF hIm..YHu Dnt KnO Me..HE LOVES NICKI MINAJ!!!yHU wILL NeVa cAtCh hIm Nt iMaTaTinG Nicki!!*~ Ok, So here I am in the classroom, My 7th period class, And Im Just reciting Nicki's Songs and Im imitating her... I then began to sing Roman's Revenge Me: Im a bad bissh Im a cunt... Teacher:Hey dont say that word, I think your're running out with this Nicki Minaj stuff! Me: Like Seriously, Did you really just tell me that, I began to pick up stapler Teacher: Flowers!, (Which is my last name) Me: I throw the stapler, The school security guard comes rushing in.. The Result of the Story: Was that I got suspended for 10 days for hitting a teacher!But, It was all worth it, I did it for my QUEEN,my HB,My MOTHER, Nicki Minaj!!! IN WHITNEY HUSTON'S VOICE (I LOVE YOU MOMMIE!!) #TRUESTORY NO LIE!

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