Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 1:12 PM

This week seeing Nicki :D

By: Jenneh

This week I saw Nicki, I attempted to see her 4 times this week but I only saw her twice, she held my wrist, signed my PF:RR album and she was soooooooo close to me. I took a picture of her. It was AMAZING. I didn't think this day would happen, YES I did cry when she was in front of me it didn't feel real but it was I can't believe it happened. The other day I saw her at her hotel about to leave for her day to the different radio stations in London I got a recording a pictures of her she was wearing a purple wig and was holding a lollipop she looks soo cute as usual. And the other days where I did see her (Let's leave that out) it was sad but at the end of the week something great and I can't wait for the tour & festivals in the summer. ^_^

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