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OMG NICKI SAW THE VIDEO ME AND JANAY MADE FOR HER. IT WAS TEAM MINAJ CONGRATULATING HER ON THE ALBUM. IM SO HAPPY SHE FINALLY SAW IT, IT TOOK FOR EVER FOR HER TO SEE IT. I ALMOST GAVE UP ON TRYING. I THOUGHT SHE WOULD NEVER SEE IT. I WAS IN SCHOOL WHEN SHE TWEETED IT, I ALMOST PASSED OUT. SHE SAID "omg this is epic did yall really throw in whitney & mariah @ the end? yall know i couldn't handle that. team minaj u are the wind beneath my wings. now maybe ppl will understand after watching that vid. can't believe i'm just seeing it! xoxoxo". I WAS SOO HAPPY. TEAM MINAJ FOR EVER. I LOVE NICKI

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    On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 3:25 AM, KellyGreen said:

    can you post a link to the video?

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