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Nicki Love.


I loooooove looooooove loooooooove Nicki. She is such a big inspriation to sooooo many people. You have to be apart of her movement to understanad her. She is sooooo much more than a favorite artist to me, shes like a big sister. What other artist do you know, takes the time out to connect with their fans, loooove their fans, give advice to their fans, speak to them, and meet them. Nicki goes all out for us and I just think thats soo amazing. What else cud a fan ask for??? Its a real connection that she has with us. People think im just a crazy groupie but lil do they know. Like nicki said "They will never understand" and thats soo true, i dont think "Common Folk' will ever understand why we stan like we do. Nicki slaaaayin the game right now, so now everybody wanna try in be her bestie. #BeenAFan. Im a proud fan of 4 years, YES been a fan since 08 and always will be. #Teamminaj words cant explain how much I love guyz!! Some of yall are like a big sister to me. Nicki said she wanted to start a movement with all the girlz coming together and having fun, and thats what she did. Everything she said she was gonna do 2 years ago, shes doing it now. I love watching her GROW. Her music slays, she slays, she is just the BEST. U mad? Stay mad!!! hahaha. #Teamminaj 4 Life!!!

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