Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 3:57 AM

Nicki is doing great!!!! *SB voice you anit fuckin wit ha

By: MomoJae

lol, Its like whatever nicki touches it turns to gold. Where she goes makes the headlines. What ever show she is on gets the highest ratings they've ever gotten, No one can help but just Love every song she writes(and know the words). She is just so creative, unique, and inspiring. At this point I can't even remember a time without her hahaha serious though really can't. Then the Team!!! omg the Team....So proud to be apart of #TeamMinaj we are like one big family. #TeamMinaj have each others backs like no other team alive. *nicki voice When Nicki say get em' we gonna get em'. Her alter egos are so creative and awesome because it feels like we each can relate to one in some way . Roman=coolest gay boy/bff/craziest ever, Martha=the Bitchy mama you wish you had, Barbie= That sarcastic girly girl in side all of us, Rrrosa= Sassy on her grind chick, The newest edition Dexter.....Point Dexter= the cutest lil nerdy girl you ever seen(wish she really existed), Then theres NICKI...awww Nicki no words can describe just..awwwww She just inspires me and keeps me on my toes she like the Sister I never had who whips me into shape..And I love her for that. Thanks to nicki we have SB the sexiest bff anyone could ask for. I just really, absolutly, possitively, LOVE NICKI MINAJ

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