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In Love .

One Day This Girl Had To Move Frm Chester Bck Too Philly . Even Tho She's Frm Pilly She Was Still Upset Because She Hate's Moving . So When She Got To Philly She Was Kinda Shy Because She Didnt Know Anybody . She Also Found Out There Were Only Boy's On The Block , No Girl'ss So She Stayed In The House &' Unpacked While Her Sister'ss Went Outside &' Talk To Them . While She Was Unpacking The Rest Of Her Thing's One Of Her Sister's Came In &' Said " The Boy's Want To See Yu " ! She Said No Idc ! &' Her Sister Went Bck Outside &' Told Them Tht She Didnt Want To Come Out , One Of The Boy'ss Said She Scared ! So She Bust Outside &' Said Scared Of Wht ? &' Te Boy Said Nevermind . &' This One Boy Tht Caught Her Eye'ss Name Johnny , See Johnny He Was 16 &' She Was Going On 14 . They Looked At Eachother For A Min . Than She Went Bck In &' Finshed Unpackinq . The Nxt Day , She Didnt See The Boy , But This Other Boy Kept Asking Her Question's She Answered All Of Them But He Wasnt Her Type , She Like Tall , Older , &' Cutie Pie's . So Day's Past &' Still No Sign Of Him . In August , Iht Started To Get Alittle Cold , Than One Day She Seen Him She Just Wanted To Get A Good Look At Him . So One Night He Found Her On Myspace &' When She Got Bck On She Had 21 Messages In Her Mailbox Frm Johnny &' She Answered Some But Not All Of Them . Than They Became Bestfriend'ss &' He Asked Her For Her Number &' She Gave Iht To Him Than He Called Her &' They Talked , Than Suddenly He Said I Wanna Go With Yu , I Wanna Make Yu Wifey . So She Blushed &' Said She'll Think About Iht &' He Said Ard &' They Got Off Tht Subject . Iht Was Still The Month Of August &' They Started Going Out They Got To Know Eachother Not Very Much But Enough To Make Iht Official . So Here Iht Is Going On 2011 They Been Together Since 8-27-09 , The End : ) '

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    On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 6:15 PM, Milly ' Love said:

    Thank'ss Love = ) '

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    On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 5:00 PM, QueenLpinkii said:

    awww thats so cute

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