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Letter to Nicki Minaj: That one Nicki Minaj-ed day!

By: Womzy95

The day I get to see Nicki Minaj live , is the day i know i have lived!! It really does suck , that she's not even considering Nigeria , at least when i'm there i'm on holiday , so free whenever. There was this one time I got tickets to see her live at Wireless , i was tres tres vraiment happy!! Only Barbz would understand ! i had planned everything , it was in Hyde Park in the afternoon , so hopefully good weather , but with England , you can never bank on that . I was so ready !! I was going to go by myself (loner-ish things) because no one wanted to buy a ticket and only two were left , even , so... Normally i take permission from my mom before i leave school , so i planned ahead and told her 3 months before , she said yes , and i had told myself it would be my after-exam treat , in the end i really did deserve one , all that work. So mid-term had come and i got to go home (9aij) , and like the talkative person i am , i went to tell my mom about what had happened in the last term , we were talking , more or less chatting and discussing the weird shit that goes on in my school , when i brought up the topic of PROM , and added that i won't be attending , as i had much better , way amazing , one in a life time things to do that day , for example , see The Queen Of BARBZ , herself , live , and she was like yeah ,"that's true , you've got you're concert" , yes! i've got my concert! i've been going on about it for the past how many months , and i had even got my ticket in the post , last week in school. Went around the boarding house screaming that day :D . So we discussed this and it was nearly settled , apart from who was going to take me , but i had already sorted this out ! I was going by myself , sorry , didn't want any distractions and wasn't planning on sharing this experience with any haters. At the end of the day , we agreed on my older cousin going with me , and she's a BARB her self so it was fine!! She thinks she's got the look and the hooks , but...well she does anyway. Moving on! I was so happy , and i went around rubbing it in people's faces , i do that , sorry. So towards the end of my holiday , my mom and i have another one of these mind throbbing , arm paining , mouth numbing conversations , we have these a lot actually...anyways , that week she had got an email from someone's mom about prom??!! (wtf!!) , i wasn't going and that was it! I could always go to the U6 ball , that would make up for it , and this one was going to be wrank anyways , so what was the point? She had come to a decision that i should go , parents had gotten involved , she thought it was right to be there , and after all it's sort of a 'right of passage' , init ?? SO cutting a long story short , after i had planned my outfit , payed for my ticket , rubbed it in everyone's face that they would have to go to prom and while i'd be in Hyde Park rocking out to Nicki Minaj , like a rock star , high on helium (doesn't make sense i know) , I had to go , for a long time , my status on most social networks was "Life truly does suck...bye Nicki...For Now!! :D" , and i had to go around explaining why i decided to go to prom. I never even sold the ticket 66 pounds down the drain , well i kept it as my only "Nick Minaj-esque" souvenir , at least i got that and my posters !!

So this is my kind of plead as a UK/NG Barb to Nicki Minaj to please have a world tour and include Nigeria , plus you've got loads of BARBZ there too , if you don't...i sortta mind...but not that much cause i'm seeing you , anyways , this October , on your UK one!! But i've got school that day , going to have to rush out of there as quickly as i can! But if you can do , please do , we LOVE you in NG , you've got so many fans , there was even a countdown when your Pink Friday album dropped , and one for the 'Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded" ( i own at least 3 copies of each (back ups) , for blasting in the car and spreading the HB love! ) , and for your Pound The ALarm video on MTv Base Nigeria , and your always being played on radio and local music channels , and the international ones (of course), so , we really do LOVE you! please come!
Lots of Love from your NG Barbz !! and from Me representing them here!!

p.s. To hell with those haters , they best join the winning team soon , before it's too late ! And i'm sure you've heard many of these , but still , ignore what they say because you are you , and your friends and family love you for being you , and you love yourself , and your fans love you , so forget all they say , after all , they must have a reason for talking about you all the time (pure love & jealousy , i must say) . Be happy your being talked about , it shows you're on their minds , you've left your mark , and will be remembered for ever , even though we know you've got way more to show the world!
We will remain your forever loving army of Barbz an Kenz forever!! Kisses *muah ! Muah!* ,( in my little english accent) . We LOVE ya!!

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